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St. Joseph's Catholic Church

Melba, Idaho

A Mission of St. Paul's Catholic Church, Roman Catholic Diocese of Boise

About Us

We are a mission of St. Paul’s Catholic Church which is located in Nampa, Idaho.

St. Joseph's Church

The church is at this address.
The way that I serve our parish is by providing the spiritual and temporal leadership we need to live out our Catholic faith as the Church desires. I work to ensure that your spiritual needs are met, and that our parish provides good education and formation for all its members, especially our children and youth. All of this takes place on a church campus that I must ensure is taken care of and meets our needs.
Here are some specific ways that I can help you.

  • Offer Mass
  • Provide the Sacrament of Reconciliation
  • Give the Anointing of the Sick
  • Help you grow in your faith

Father Caleb Vogel

(208) 466-7031 ext 4440

Father Carlos Rosero

Parochial Vicar
(208) 466-7031 ext 4441

Father Bill is a priest in residence for St. Paul’s Catholic Church.

Father Bill Taylor

Priest in Residence
(208) 466-7031 ext 4447

Jose Luis Granados

(208) 466-7031

Mike Collins

(208) 466-7031 ext 4470

Megan Volkers

Office Admin
(208) 870-7127

Pastoral Advisory Members

Chan Cabalo
Chris Lester
Nicholas Arrellano
Paul Nettleton
Margo Lootens

Finance Advisory Members

Judy Chivers
Alta Graham
Rob O’Malley


Margo Lootens
Patty Herman

Religious Education

Megan Volkers
Ben Vogel

A church.


504 Randolph Dr.
Melba, ID 83641
The Eucharist.


7:00 PM (Spanish)
9:30 AM (English)


A stained glass window.

Religious Education

Following Sunday Mass.

Office Hours

Please call to schedule an appointment.